My uncle is storing old dirty air filters

I always wonder what drives a person to be a hoarder.

  • It’s just something I don’t get and it’s just very strange to keep buying things or getting free things and never using them.

I guess sometimes they do use them but how often? Like, I see on TV some people hoard old newspapers. I just wonder why, why would be something someone would hold onto? My uncle is one of those people. Going to his house isn’t the greatest thing in the world. It’s like walking through a maze and if you drop something, most likely you will lose it for the rest of your life. I’m not kidding, it will be gone because it’s that bad there. He keeps everything, old car tires in the garage, newspapers, old cereal boxes, and for some odd reason, dirty old air filters. These air filters haven’t been used in years. The thing is that he doesn’t even change his air filters. He has the HVAC company send out an HVAC tech to change them for him. I feel bad for the person that has to come to the house and perform that task. I tried talking to my uncle about it one day but he just said that he likes to collect things. This isn’t a collection, this is a mess of all sorts and it’s disgusting. I never told him that but that’s what I think. I try not to go to his house often because it’s just not sanitary. There might be rats or whatever hiding in the mess he has.


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