My wife loves my job as an HVAC tech – our air quality

I am very glad that I settled down with the right woman.

I know that we are a match made in heaven because I have never had such a drama free and cooperative relationship before.

I never knew that it was even possible to feel so happy, independent, and healthy in a significant partnership. Who would have thought that all of this marital bliss would be possible thanks to my terrible grades in high school. When I was growing up I was quite the whole again. I was always getting in trouble and I was never concerned about my future. When I graduated from high school with terrible marks I knew I was going to have to attend the local trade school. I quickly jumped into the heating and cooling certification program where I learned to professionally inspect and install all sorts of modern air handling devices. I absolutely loved what I did as a residential heating and cooling technician. I began to love my job even more after I started meeting beautiful ladies in the middle of their air quality control crises. I went on a lot of dates with my HVAC clients after I was operating as a professional heating and cooling technician for a few years. However, there was one who really stole my heart. She and I have been together for over 15 years now, and I can easily thank my heating and cooling profession for hooking us up. Besides that, I am convinced that our high quality indoor air plays an important role in our happy marriage. If it wasn’t for our state-of-the-art air conditioning and heating system, maybe we would have been divorced already.

a/c serviceman