Needed husband to listen – plugged air vents

When I married my husband to 10 years ago I said till death do us part, in sickness and in health.

There was nothing in our vows about terrible indoor air quality or how we would manage household responsibilities together.

There was no provision for wanting to wring his neck every time the energy bill arrives in the mail or we had to pay for another expensive emergency heating, cooling, and ventilation repair service. Unfortunately, those have been the most relevant vows that we never made. In fact, most of our relationship has been plagued with bad HVAC luck in our old home. From the time that we moved in, the heating and cooling system was less than ideal. The air temperature control plan had to be 10 years old, and it operated like it was 20 years old. I absolutely hated relying on the central heating and cooling system alone, because it always produced uneven hot and cold indoor temperatures. Instead, I was always adding additional HVAC equipment, such a smaller space heaters and AC window units to fill the voids that to my central heating and cooling system created. After 10 years of this, you can imagine that I started losing my patience. I could never get my husband to agree that we needed to fully upgrade the HVAC system, so I decided it was time to force the issue. I went around the house and blocked all of the air vents from the inside with thick pieces of cardboard. Then, I waited for the coldest day of the year. Sure enough, my husband couldn’t stop complaining about the awful heating inside the house. One week later, we had a brand new forced air furnace.
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