Needing a volunteer to take care of my HVAC system

I absolutely love the Christmas time.

I love shopping for people.

I love buying presents. I also really love the snow and all the decorations. I tend to think that people are a lot nicer during Christmas time as well. People are willing to actually donate stuff and volunteer places. I think that’s really great. I think more people should do it during the year but as long as they do it sometime that’s good enough I think. I wish someone would volunteer their time to take care of my HVAC system. This year the HVAC system has been crazy. I have had to get it fixed several times. I also have to change the air filter once a month. Sometimes I don’t even remember to change the air filter. I think this is the problem with my HVAC system. Some of it starts with me forgetting to change the air filter. When I don’t change the air filter that probably leads to a multitude of problems. Having a dirty air filter can affect your HVAC system in a great way. If the air cannot push through the air filter then it can cause all other problems with parts working far too hard to push the air through the air filter. That would not be good for an HVAC system. My HVAC system has also had many other problems and I think it is getting too old. With the amount of problems it is starting to have I think it is time to replace it. I wish someone would just volunteer to replace this HVAC system for me and take care of it once a month.



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