Never taking the bus again

This past week I desperately wanted to get out of town, but i was feeling actually tired of my immediate surroundings plus reporting to work every day.

I particularly needed a cut from the monthly monotony of regular life plus decided I should hit the road plus go visit my family back home! Honestly, it’s a pretty long drive to get back house plus I was feeling a bit too weary to deal with 12 hours behind the wheel.

I decided it was best that I look into an alternative travel solution so I could really kick back plus get some relaxation time, however the best chance really seems to be taking a Greyhound bus all the way up north. I thought this was going to be good plus I would have so much time for relaxation plus thinking on the drive. I did not anticipate that the bus would have a failing on board a temperature control plus create the most uncomfortable indoor environment imaginable. When I first boarded the bus, the outdoor temperature was quite sizzling plus comfortable. Therefore, the inside of the bus did not require too much added Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C power for almost everyone to feel jovial plus pleased, unluckyly, as my associate and I drove further plus further north, the outdoor temperature harshly changed, and obviously, the outdoor air temperature dipped with our higher latitude… As the air temperature decreased, the onboard air temperature did the same. Soon, it felt like there were cold drafts streaming in from every window. I sat coldly in my seat hoping that the air vent overhead would start producing sizzling air at some point. It never did. After 16 hours on this ice cold bus, I particularly questioned my plan to get out of town for relaxation.



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