New air purifier puts end to old odor problem

It didn’t take buy 24 hours before the indoor air was completely transformed. And it made it seem like we were living in a completely new space. That’s what living with indoor air odors for years and years can do to a person. My wife and I have three kids, two dogs and two cats. We also cook nearly every meal we eat in our kitchen. All of that made quite a pungent indoor air problem. Yet, it took an education from the HVAC professionals before we actually addressed the problem correctly. We had been living years and years battling the indoor odors of our home. This made us like our home a bit less which really was sort of a heartbreaker. My wife and I fell in love with this place the moment we walked in. Once we bought it, we replaced the HVAC equipment and added some other updates. It was just the perfect spot. But when you’re dealing with indoor air odors all the time, it really changes how you view your home. For the longest time, we tried to cover up the odors using sprays, candles and those plug in things. We’d get a moment’s reprieve from the stinky air. But as soon as the HVAC equipment kicked on, those odors simply started circulating through the house once more. It took learning about air purification for us to finally address this problem and solve it. The HVAC professionals pointed out that without removing the bacteria that causes the odor from the air, we were just sort of going in circles. Now we have a whole home air purification system that uses high intensity ultraviolet light to rid our home of all airborne contaminants. We have superior indoor air quality and our house smells like heaven.