Newborn Babies Come Home to Fewer Allergens

As Society continues to change and grow, we tend to learn all kinds of things we didn’t know before. One place this is extremely obvious is the teachings that are taught to new parents. Nowadays, new parents do all kinds of things that I never did with my little one. This is just like I did lots of things with my little one that my mom didn’t do with us. One of the things that is now considered really important is good indoor air quality in your house. Most pregnant women are now advised that they should get their ductwork professionally cleaned before they bring the baby home from the hospital. In addition to that, new parents are told that they should end up using a dehumidifier in the summer and a humidifier in the winter. Not only that, it is recommended that they use certain air filters in their air conditioning system. gone are the days when you could buy the cheapest fiberglass AC filters at Home Depot. You are now expected to bring your newborn baby home to a place that has absolutely perfect good indoor air quality. It is good that newborn babies come home to fewer allergens, I think. Even so, I wonder if it damages their ability to ward off germs. I remember that before my daughter was born I was doing what they called nesting. It involved cleaning everything, including the air conditioning vents, and getting all kinds of little things ready in the baby’s bedroom. Nowadays, nesting probably includes getting your ductwork professionally cleaned And changing your AC air filters to the best possible type and brand.

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