No humidity worries with the heat pump

The temperatures are on the rise.

And soon, the humidity levels will match the temperatures almost.

When that pair get up in the 90s and stay close to the century mark, it can be miserable to deal with indeed. This is why we all have residential HVAC that specializes in air conditioning. It’s not the heating we need but the cooling. But that comes with the territory. And around here, it’s really only about a four months span where the heat and humidity are pretty brutal. We might get a cold front that gives us a moment’s breather but that’s pretty rare. Still, I’d far rather deal with a hot summer than the sort of winter our neighbors to the north endure. I’ve had a brief taste of that mess and came running back to the heat pump. While we have a hot and humid summer, we also have 8 months where the weather is pretty great. And I’m closing out the best part of the climate as our winter comes to a close. I even heard the first heat pump kick on the other day for some air conditioning. Thanks to the cooling process, the heat pump actually balances the humidity levels inside our homes. That’s why it feels so crisp and cool when you walk in from outside. Were it not for this amazing part of HVAC technology, we’d be in for it with the level of humidity during much of the year. It’s not just the discomfort of heat and humidity that would be the problem. No, without the humidity balancing from the heat pump we’d all be dealing with mold and mildew mitigation like all summer.

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