No HVAC equipment in treehouse

When we set are things down and realize there was no thermostat it was a rude surprise

Have you ever used Airbnb to secure a rental property for one of your trips? I’m sure you have, everyone seems to be using this platform. I think that it’s a really awesome tool and it makes a lot of sense for people to crowdsource their empty homes in order to make some extra cash. People who need a place to stay have a real home for a limited amount of time and a homeowner’s capitalize off of their empty house at the same time. It seems like a really great idea to me. The only thing is, there’s so many different property options and assorted amenities that it can make your head spin. Sometimes, you forget what you’ve even looked at or you can miss important details about a home. Recently, this is what happened to us when we were looking for a cool cabin rental. We definitely found a cool cabin, but we didn’t intend to freeze our asses off. When we found this awesome cabin we immediately booked the property. When we arrived there, we were shocked to find that the tree house was lacking some modern amenities such as central heating and cooling. I suppose that makes sense that there wasn’t a central forced air furnace or large air conditioning unit for this tiny property, but they could have at least installed a mini split ductless heating and cooling system or provided a space heater. When we set are things down and realize there was no thermostat it was a rude surprise. Sure enough, when we check to the listing we saw that there was no indoor heating. This lack of indoor heat didn’t ruin the entire trip, but we spent the rest of the evening wrapped up in a blanket together, wishing that we read closer.

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