Not even able to get my Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment repaired

It’s been rough times since my partner passed away.

A life of 50 years with this lady that will never be forgotten nor replaced.

After her passing, I started drinking way too much plus not taking care of my health in general. My life just became nothing separate from her. I still had my son, however he has his life with his partner plus children plus I didn’t want him to deal with my issues with depression. The drinking got out of control plus I would find myself constantly at a bar waiting for something, anything however I never truly knew what it was. My life was essentially flipped upside down plus I just didn’t know what to do with things. That went on for quite some time plus with the depression plus alcohol came the expensive bills. As I said, I wasn’t taking care of my health however at the same time I actually decided to quit taking care of the property. Things started to go throughout the place plus I didn’t take care of anything. Then with winter time coming fast, my Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment totally went. I didn’t have the currency. I blew it all the last few years on the most foolish life choices. I called the Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment supplier plus they said they would send out a heating plus cooling equipment specialist although I knew even after he looked at my Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment, I wouldn’t be able to afford the heating repairs that were necessary. It might be a frigid winter time plus I won’t be able to afford the repairs till the very next year. I hope I can make it. I started sobering up plus taking care of things although I honestly hope it’s not too late to fix my life.

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