Open Door at the Church

Every day it seems as if I learn about some new kind of Technology that I didn’t know existed before.

There are so many technology options in cars nowadays, in schools nowadays, in the industrial complexes nowadays, and even HVAC technology in various buildings.

I learned about this through, believe it or not, an open door at the church. The other day I was responsible for making sure the church was all locked up as we left for the evening. There had been many of us there working on an activity. I turned the thermostat up to 77° like we are supposed to, I locked all the doors, and I turned off everything in the kitchen. But as we were going to leave, we all started hearing this loud noise. We could not figure out what was making that noise until somebody said they thought it was part of the new HVAC system. It turns out that they were right. Our heating and cooling system now lets us know if there is an Open Door. If you open adore and leave propped open, it is connected to the heating and cooling system via some kind of HVAC technology. The idea is to save energy and also remind you that there is an Open Door just like your car will sometimes do. I think it would be better if the new air conditioning system had words instead of a noise, but maybe not. Anyway, my heating and cooling system at my church warned me not to leave because we had a door propped open in the back of the kitchen hallway.


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