Our flat roof was going

I recently got up on my roof to blow leaves off of it; When you have a flat roof, that happens from time to time; Heights don’t bother me at all, and my giant, 6 foot tall, 200 pound partner is terrified plus stays on the ground, but i am a easily small lady that doesn’t mind lugging a leaf blower up there.

While I was doing the clean up task I noticed our roof was squishy plus worn in sites.

My partner said not to worry about it although I immediately got on the cellphone with a roofing dealer. I feel you don’t want to mess around with roofs, Heating plus A/C, plumbing or electrical, and you need all of those things. If they go, the whole day is ruined. It is extravagant, but necessary. I am so blissful that I ended up calling the roofers, however the roofing crew was appalled by the shape of our flat roof. The guy told me I was essentially one rainstorm away from it, totally caving in… Good thing I am quite lightweight or I would have come crashing through the roof as well. The roofers came in plus did a full on flat roof upgrade in two afternoons. It looks so much better now. I of course immediately hopped up on the roof to check things out, however now that it is strong plus sturdy, I do notice a difference. The material feels durable plus powerful. It was worth the money to know our roof is in wonderful shape. I wrote down when we got the roof so that we know when roof repairs plus service are going to be around the corner.

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