Our heater installed

My social media career blew up while in the national lockdown. I had been posting videos on maintaining natural hair with locally available products and things everyone has in their homes. With minimal interaction with people outside of the household, everyone took to social media. Since then, our career has taken off, brands hire me to promote their products and services, and I also get endorsements from major brands. My employer planned a photo shoot at our house on this particular morning, but my darn a/c broke down the night before the busy photo shoot and the plan ultimately died on me. I thought the summer heat would mess up my face, and I would look exhausted by morning, thus affecting the pictures. Thank the universe for the internet because I could schedule a/c maintenance with the cooling corporation. The cooling specialist came the following morning, a few hours ahead of the photography team. After assessing the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment, they commanded me to consider replacing the worn-out component, since a/c repair would only be procrastinating the issue. A modern quality a/c unit would greatly help with indoor comfort for a long time. The cooling tech assisted in getting a modern and weird system; a ductless mini-split a/c unit. My friend and I worked with the big fans to keep our glam team cool from the summer heat. The cooling company provided the plan at a discounted price with the promise that I would mention them in many of our videos. It also presented an option to learn more about a/c. The cooling industry has come a long way, and I needed to learn more about recent tech developments, and the cooling representative was cheerful to answer some of our burning questions. The pictures were terrific despite the heat, the shoot, and the Heating and Air Conditioning fitting. The videos even provided some off-script moments with the Heating and Air Conditioning team, with their consent.

a/c representative