Our HVAC units were attacked by wild animals

Our HVAC units were attacked by wild animals.

  • I have never had any problems with my heating and cooling units until I moved to the country.

I love the idea of living near a forest and just living a simple lie, but I didn’t realize how much this would affect my air conditioners and furnace. The first problem that occurred after I moved had to do with my central air conditioner. I had only been living in my house for three weeks when I heard some strange noises in the air ducts of my house. I went out to the central air conditioner unit and looked inside. I found a small chipmunk in there that had been nesting in my central air conditioner for a long time. I called the HVAC technician and he came and gently removed the chipmunk from the air ducts. Later that year, My window air conditioner in my room started to make scratching sounds inside of it. I took off the front of the window air conditioner and looked inside. I found a family of mice inside of the window air conditioner. I was so sad that I had to destroy the home of the mice, but I really wanted my window air conditioner to work again. When winter came around, my central air conditioner was attacked by a huge black bear! I had the HVAC technician come the next day and try to fix it, but a lot if the air conditioner’s parts needed to be replaced. I finally got some protection for my central air conditioner and window air conditioner so that animals would leave them alone.

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