Our son said he bought his oil furnace for only a few bucks

My son invited his father plus I over for a family dinner, then his spouse was off toil that weekend plus she wanted to share the day with the family.

  • Her mom plus dad were there, plus we were enjoying spending time with the kids, my son asked his father-in-law plus my hubby to go downstairs with him.

He wanted to show them the new oil furnace! I saw the look on my daughter-in-law’s face. She wasn’t cheerful with the purchase. She told us he paid $59 for the oil furnace, plus it is ugly. She said it wasn’t much larger than the box their mattress came in, plus it didn’t heat the house. She said that was why the fireplace was burning. I bit my lip, because my son was not raised to be so cheap, plus I was wondering what was wrong? She then told us he had quit his job so he could go back to school. I wasn’t sure what to say to that one, but her mother did. She told her she should pack up the baby plus come back home. In the meantime my son was telling my hubby plus his father-in-law that the dealer was laying people off, plus he was one of the newest people there. His father-in-law asked if he had thought about going back to school. He said he wanted to go to Heating plus A/C school, then there was job security in being an Heating plus A/C serviceman. His father-in-law plus I spoke in unison plus offered to supply him the money to go to Heating plus A/C school. The two of us both offer to let them live at our houses, although he had to get rid of that stupid oil furnace plus get his money back.

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