Out of stock HVAC items is never good

The outlet store that I go to in order to buy portable space heaters, portable air conditioning systems as well as air filters for my central heating and air conditioning system were out of stock of just about everything HVAC related the last time I went! They had no air filters at all, not even the cheapest generic kind.

They were also out of all portable space heaters as well as portable air conditioning systems! It was making me think that they decided to stop carrying heating and air conditioning items all together.

I went and I asked the management because this highly concerned me and I was happy to find out that it was just because they had a major sale on all heating and air conditioning products and that they just all sold out. Wow! That was a relief! But I was pretty mad at myself that I did not know about this and I missed out on everything. Not that I needed a portable air conditioning system or a portable space heater, but I did need to buy some new air filters for my central heating and air conditioning system unit. So because of them being sold out of everything and the fact that they would not have any air filters in for another week and I needed them now, I decided to go online and buy the air filters and have them shipped to me for this one and only time. Sure it was going to cost me a few more bucks because of the shipping but it was the only way to get the air filters in time.

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