Photos for the cooling corporation's website

I fell in love with photography very early in my life.

My dad gifted me my first polaroid camera for my seventh birthday, and I have been hooked since then.

I took photos of everything inside and outside our house, and as I grew older, I learned how to use lighting to take wonderful pictures. I also invested in a better camera, and now I am a photographer and video editor. I primarily toil with brands to advertise their goods and services, and I recently negotiated with the local cooling company to promote their services. They also wanted to showcase their cooling representatives’ investment in delivering quality services. I studied the company to create a wonderful plan to develop a good concept. My neighbor had an appointment with the same cooling business, but photographing the cooling specialists in their natural element would be an excellent chance. The servicemen started by performing the important a/c maintenance and realized the issue was much more extensive and no amount of a/c repair would save it. They updated the malfunctioned component with a quality a/c, while all this while I had been snapping photos. They then proceeded to install the ductless mini-split a/c and digital temperature control to help with indoor comfort. I took pictures of the a/c services because I wanted to portray the cooling techs as more than their interaction with Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. I learned more about a/c, which made me love their work, which I wanted to bring out in the photos. I took pictures for four nights to get a good compilation depicting what the cooling industry, especially the repair department, was all about. The images were amazing and sold the business, and they used the pictures on their website.


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