Please watch your kids; here to service Heating, Ventilation, and A/C, not babysit

I’m not one of those people who cherish children.

I knew a long time ago that I would not be procreating for my own purposes. If I ever do wind up with kids it’s going to be on accident or through adpick much later in my life. I will never be the type of human who settles down, cranks out a bunch of babies, and spends my entire life taking care of rugrats who don’t cherish me. That’s why I have a difficult time when I am forced to be around other people’s children as though they are my own. I never entered a work field that I anticipated overlapping with childcare. When I went to heating, cooling, and ventilation technical school I expected to become a certified air quality control specialist who worked hands-on with air conditioner units and forced air furnaces everyday. Never did I expect that my work in the heating, cooling, and ventilation industry would ever involve children running around at my feet. However, unblessedly, it seems like several local homeowners don’t share my opinion about heating and cooling my responsibilities. I learned this the difficult way early on when I would arrive at heating, cooling, and air quality control appointments ready to perform diagnostic and upgrade services for indoor air handling devices… Only to wind up with a room full of children screaming at me! People are always inconsiderate with leaving their kids in my care as I tried to service their Heating, Ventilation, and A/C systems. Nothing makes me happier to get a vasectomy than babysitting a handful of kids while I try to service an air conditioner unit.


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