Power goes out; kills A/C when it comes back on

The last thing that you want to hear in the middle of an oppressively sizzling plus humid Summer afternoon is the chance of a giant thunderstorm blowing through, however don’t get me wrong, I genuinely love rain storms, then the more intense they are, the better, and however, when you’re in the middle of a hard Summer you actually don’t want to be challenged by the potential of a damaging thunderstorm… Not only do storms tend to create even more heat plus humidity after the rain has passed, however they can severely disfigurement your local infrastructure.

If you’ve ever had a power outage in the middle of Summer you know how irritated that is.

It’s incredibly common for our power lines to be taken out by powerful winds plus hail… This means it’s incredibly common to lose air conditioning power for afternoons at a time, and whenever we have a giant storm blowing through the section we can kiss our cooling system goodbye. We’re going to be dealing with hours or afternoons of unmanaged indoor air temperature plus oppressively uncomfortable indoor air quality; Recently, we were stuck separate from any air conditioning power for over a week thanks to a giant storm plus power outage, but even when the electricity came back on, we had air conditioning troubles to deal with, and as the energy finally flowed through our house again it immediately zapped our central cooling system, however finally, we had electricity however still no AC. At least we had Wi-Fi again so I could locate the nearest heating plus cooling maintenance shop plus request an immediate air conditioning inspection.



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