Pregnant and Heating and Air Conditioning reliant

I swear to God I will murder my partner one day, he did this to me and I will never forgive him for how uncomfortable I am, then yes, I’m angry and pregnant in the middle of summer… If my pal and I had been able to plan for this, the timing absolutely would have been different.

However, my pal and I wound up with a surprise a few months ago.

I wasn’t expecting to be blown up like a beach ball all Summer long. I wasn’t expecting to be insanely warm and sweaty all the time. I wasn’t expecting to be puffy and to resent the muggy weather as much as I do. I also wasn’t expecting that our air conditioner device would be on its way out while I needed it the most. For the past multiple months I have basically been stranded in the house, unable to leave the comfort of our a/c. If I step outside my body immediately is warm. I have been stuck inside the house, right in front of our air vents since the air temperature climbed above 95 degrees… Unfortunately, in 3 months it hasn’t decreased in temperature or humidity. I have been camped out in front of the air vents, with one finger on the smart temperature control control the entire time. The problem is, our A/C device is currently quitting on us. I keep having the Heating and Air Conditioning company come in fiddle with our AC, but to the system simply needs to be updated; As much as I would care about to install a brand new cooling system right now, my pal and I have a lot of other expenses. I guess our Heating and Air Conditioning reboot is going to have to wait until next summer. Until then, I wait and pray for the day that I pop.


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