Procrastination and not productive

I am not a truly proactive person, I try to put everything off until the last minute and normally that backfires on me… I can not remember a time when I was not like this, my mother said I always used to put off my homework until the car ride to school and would not scrub my room until she was orange in the face yelling at my home office door.

I wish I was not like this, I feel like I would not get myself into so much trouble if I just stopped procrastinating and just got things done in a timely fashion! However, I think the events of last monthhave scared me straight.

I feel I have known my heating and cooling system was on the fritz for a while, I just didn’t want to call the Heating & A/C company because I knew it was going to be an lavish repair. I just kept putting it off and putting it off until I woke up last monthand my Heating & A/C system would not even turn on. It was the middle of the winter time and I could not get my heater to turn on at all. I didn’t have an space heating systems to keep me hot either, but so I finally called the local Heating & A/C company to come out and look at my Heating & A/C system! The Heating & A/C professional said he hadn’t ever seen a Heating & A/C system in this disappointing of shape and I instantaneously knew I was going to have to replace the whole system. I feel I am going to have to stop putting things off!



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