Putting in a new HVAC appliance wasn’t very pleasant

As a heating and cooling appliance expert, it has its perks and it has its downfalls. I get to meet new people very often and do the task I cherish doing. Anything HVAC related I can be relied upon even in the most daunting situations. Recently, my boss had me go to a dwelling that needed a new HVAC appliance installed. I had no issue in the least with doing the task until I got there. Before I walked into the dwelling I saw how broken down the place was. It wasn’t in any good shape at all and I can tell it will need a lot more toil than a new HVAC appliance. I met John, the owner of the dwelling at the door and proceeded to walk inside. This dwelling genuinely smelled so bad and disgusting that I immediately covered my nose and started to breathe through my mouth. There were piles of dishes and it looked like there was mold on some of them as I walked past the entryway. I struggled so much to breathe that I had to go back to my truck and grab a mask to try to cover the smell. It hardly worked however it did to some degree. I know putting this new heating and cooling appliance in it will be a long day and I don’t know if I’ll get sick eventually but I am going to have to take multiple breaks outside to get fresh air. John was totally nice however his dwelling sure wasn’t. He wanted to let me eat something and I remembered what the sink looked like and I nicely turned him down. It’s going to be a pretty long day.

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