Rainy days and cooling technology

Today is one of those days that has me thinking about life and where mine is heading.

I have to let go of this black cloud that has loomed over me ever since I lost my dad’s inheritance money he gave me a year ago. I just feel so guilty for losing it but I have to forgive myself and move on because it is not helping me lamenting all the time about it. I have a bit of it tucked away in a stock that miraculously could end up getting me the money back one day. My hot water boiler needs to be replaced soon and it is sad that I hardly have any money to get one, but I can find a way to save up for it and have an HVAC tech install the new one for me. Letting go of mistakes is a good way to move on in life and I am going to do my best to forgive myself for this one so that I can feel happy again. I can do some cooling installs and make money from that to buy the water heating device and then I will be all set again with hot showers. I think I am feeling a bit down also because I’ve been sick with the flu and stuck in my flat alone most of the time. I have a flatmate but she is working as a cooling expert and is gone most of the time working for the local contractor. Life is good overall though and I’ll be back to my normal self once this cold is fully gone.

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