Relief of being in an air conditioned space

There are no words to describe how enjoyable it feels to be in an air conditioned building on an harshly boiling day.


It entirely is a enjoyable feeling, and until you believe it yourself, you won’t believe what I am talking about. I remember at a single point I locked myself outside of my house on a 100 degree day. That was not fun. I was stuck out in the heat while I waited for my roommate to arrive home. There was sweat just pouring down my head, and I felt so boiling that that was all that I could focus on. I tried sitting, standing, pacing, however nothing could take away the heat and my intense focus on it, and finally, my roommate arrived home, and they were surprised to see me outside, until I told them my issue. I pushed inside and felt the enjoyable a/c. What a enjoyable feeling that was. I entirely sat directly underneath an a/c vent for a enjoyable 20 or so minutes! Even then, I was still feeling a bit warm, but I felt much better. The enjoyable cooling relief of being in an air conditioned house is honestly a enjoyable feeling. I am never going to lock myself out of the house again. After that I decided to lay down and browse my mobile cellphone. I still had to worry about getting a few projects done, however for now, I wanted to relax in the enjoyable a/c and adore myself.



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