She doesn't use her Heating and Air Conditioning for heating or cooling

And if that means running her HVAC unit earlier than expected then so be it

Now that the colder months are behind her, Eve was expecting lower utility bills. Typically, during the Spring, the temperature is so pleasant that she doesn’t use her HVAC for heating or cooling. In fact, during this time of year, when she switches from heating to cooling, the unit barely runs because the temperature is typically so pleasant outside. But to her surprise, this year, the Spring has been warmer than normal, so Eve’s HVAC system has been running more than expected. This means that she won’t see much of a difference in her energy bill. There might be a slight decrease because it does require more energy to heat a property than it does to cool it down. In the winter season months, the HVAC system is really working harder than it does during the Summer. But she is not sure what will happen this year, since the cooling unit is already running early because of the higher temperature outside. Not only that, but during the Spring Eve usually gets her HVAC component inspected to get ready for the warmer months. However, this year, she skipped that step because the warmer weather came on so hastily. So, her HVAC unit instantly went from heating to cooling. Eve can’t predict or change the weather, she can only make adjustments inside her property to make it more comfortable. And if that means running her HVAC unit earlier than expected then so be it. Instead of getting her HVAC component inspected now, Eve will just make the adjustment and get it inspected later this year in the Fall. Life is unpredictable and she just needs to go with the flow.

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