She would use Facebook to advertise their HVAC company

Alex told Beth she was missing out on so much business because she would use Facebook to advertise their Heating and A/C business.

They may have been partners, but Beth didn’t want to talk about using any kind of social media, let alone using Facebook. She still blamed facebook for her spouse leaving her. Alex told her he left because she loved their Heating and A/C business more. He may have been right, but no one wants to blame themselves when their marriage breaks up. A part of Beth thought differently, but she could not understand why she would advertise the Heating and A/C business on Facebook? Alex told Beth that people see ads and they interact with them. The online marketer could create an ad on all the social media websites that have people in their area. The ad would lead them directly to their website. They could check out the FAQs, go through their resources and hopefully sign up for information, or a free service on their Heating and A/C equipment. Alex and Beth could do free inspections and estimates on any part of their Heating and A/C system. She was still skeptical, but she told him to contact the online marketing expert and see what she commanded. It took about several days before they got their first contact from someone who clicked on their ad. Alex went out and did a complete inspection on their Heating and A/C system and made suggestions. They have since become long-time clients. Maybe advertising the Heating and A/C business on social media isn’t as awful as she thought. Over the first year, they acquired more than 25 new clients.


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