Shopping for a thermostat on my day off

This Monday, I will be spending my day off shopping for a new thermostat unit.

Until this week, I have not had a day off in a long time.

I have not had time to go and look. I have not needed one for quite awhile. The thermostat is the brain behind your heating and cooling system in your house, someone told me once, and I have never forgotten that. Since my thermostat has not been working correctly lately, I have noticed a real shift in the indoor air pollen levels. Is it because of the fact that my thermostat is not now working the way that it’s supposed to? I suspect it is. I have been so busy lately that I have not even had time to sit down and research online the kinds of thermostats and other details. That’s why I finally decided that I’m just going to take the time on Monday when I’m off. I will get this done! There are several heating and cooling companies close by, so I will talk to their HVAC professionals about thermostats. Learning a little bit and picking a thermostat device that will be just right for me are my goals. I have read a little bit about smart thermostats, but do I need one? I’ll get my answer on Monday.


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