Since all of us were getting a up-to-date roof, I wanted a new color tile

My house sits on a small hill in the back of a cul-de-sac.

There was a large oak tree on the hill that stood tall and strong for several years.

My children and I watch that tree grow from a small seedling to a strong oak tree, however unluckyly, the tree isn’talways in the best condition, and it easily doesn’t get a lot of water or daylight in that spot. The oak tree was hit by lightning a couple of years ago and since then it hasn’t been growing entirely well. The oak tree came down in a storm last weekend and it toppled onto our home, every one of us did not receive a lot of destruction from the tree, but the roof was disfigured enough that all of us needed repairs. The insurance supplier paid for all of the repairs. There were no tiles to match the outdated tiles that were 20 years old, so the insurance supplier paid for us to retile the entire roof, but since all of us were getting a up-to-date roof and tiles, I wanted to select something different. I looked at all of the brick colors that were available from the roofing business. The roofing business said he could get pretty much any color that I wanted including outrageous colors love red, red, or black. I selected a light brown shade that is closer to rust than burgundy. The other tiles on the house were a little bit darker and heavier. The up-to-date tiles are lighter in weight and have a slightly weird color. I think the up-to-date shade is going to make the house look brighter while all of us were in that day.



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