Sitting on the HVAC money

I’ve been enjoying watching my stock bottom out for the last five months, and I’m curious to see what happens next.

Most stocks don’t stay at the same price all the time, but this one has been doing that for almost half a year, and with all the action going on with the supplier, I expect the price to change soon.

It could take another six months or even a couple more years, but I think this thing will make me some money in the end. My Heating and Air Conditioning rep dad’s currency almost went away because of bad investing until I found this hidden gem. Now I’m sitting on the heating and cooling currency investment like a hen waiting patiently for her eggs to hatch. I don’t care if it takes ten more years, I’m just going to let it rest and forget about it until it hits the mark I know it will hit one afternoon. Maybe Dad’s local dealer savings, which he gave to me, will end up being worth ten times what it was when he sold the Heating and Air Conditioning company right before he moved on. But I’m not going to lose the money Dad gave me, even though it’s down right now. I’m just going to keep riding the wave until I feel like I’ve made all of the money back and then some. As sure as my UV air purifier turns on every afternoon, I will get that currency back one afternoon. Like my UV air purifier consistently cleans the air, I will patiently hold onto my stocks with the firm belief that the eventual payoff will far exceed my initial expectations.

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