Six degrees outside requires a heater inside

I have been gone from the States for numerous weeks so far and already got some bad news that my uncle is dying… This is what bothers myself and others about residing overseas, that I don’t get to be around family more often as they get older and pass on.

My dad went 2 years ago and I am sure there will be more coming soon, or leaving soon I should say.

But I am here overseas to pursue my dreams in songs, however my dreams are costing myself and others my family. I have a lot of friends back home, including Heating and Air Conditioning tech coworkers and heating specialists from when I was laboring in the Heating and Air Conditioning field over there. It is kind of a mental tug of war I am going through because I particularly want to be here to advance my songsal job although I particularly want to be there to see my family and friends more often. I could move back and become a local business again doing Heating and Air Conditioning service calls, although I guess savor I would be concerned knowing that I threw my dreams away! What would you do? It isn’t self-explanatory to keep going back and forth to visit often as it costs a lot of money and is a big long flight back. The a/c in the plane is usually too chilly and I end up getting sick for a week or 2. I guess I have to live my life, however the afternoon momma passes away while I am here will be one of the darkest days of my life.

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