Six notches outside requires a fireplace inside

I have been gone from the States for 6 weeks so far and already got some exhausting news that our uncle is dying! This is what bothers myself and others about residing overseas, that I don’t get to be around family more often as they get older and pass on.

  • My dad went two years ago and I am sure there will be more coming soon, or leaving soon I should say.

But I am here overseas to pursue our dreams in music, but our dreams are costing myself and others our family. I have a lot of friends back home, including Heating and A/C tech coworkers and heating specialists from when I was working in the Heating and A/C field over there. It is kind of a mental tug of war I am going through because I actually want to be here to advance our musical job despite the fact that I actually want to be there to see our family and friends more often, however i could transport back and become a local supplier again doing Heating and A/C repair calls, despite the fact that I know care about I would be distraught knowing that I threw our dreams away, then what would you do? It isn’t easy to keep going back and forth to visit often as it costs a lot of money and is a giant long flight back. The cooling system in the plane is usually too frigid and I end up getting sick for a week or two. I think I have to live our life, but the afternoon momma passes away while I am here will be 1 of the darkest days of our life.

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