Something had gone wrong with the heat pump

Given what happened last winter, my brothers are pretty pleased that they did indeed learn their lesson.

But, it was a hard and expensive lesson to learn.

Last winter, my brothers were awakened in the middle of the night to the sound of their heat pump shutting down. The unit rattled and sort of banging around enough that it woke them. At that moment, they were aware it was the heat pump and they started kicking themselves. By the time my brothers got down to the basement, there was an odor of hot metal and they knew for sure the heat pump had overheated and shut itself off. Something had gone wrong and there was no way they were going to repair it. See, my brothers aren’t mechanically inclined or handy when it comes to household stuff. And even more importantly, anything that has to do with the heating and cooling inside their home belongs to the Heating and Air Conditioning workers. But the reason they were kicking themselves was because the heat pump certainly didn’t need to stop working. But my brothers forgot to get a heating repair last fall as it slipped their minds. So they ended up with a large Heating & Air Conditioning expense due to the emergency Heating & Air Conditioning repair charge. But the concern itself was a switch that would have been changed had they gotten the Heating & Air Conditioning heating repair done. They did learn their lesson and signed up for the Heating & Air Conditioning repair idea the next day. So now my brothers are guaranteed to get Heating & Air Conditioning heating repair every fall. And so they’re feeling better about the heating in their home this year than they were last year.



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