Starting a gym

For the last thirty years, I’ve devoted an hour of our afternoon to exercise! For most of those years, I handled our workouts at home, then i invested into some basic equipment, including a yoga mat, jump rope, dumbbells and resistance bands.

I managed to be creative and maximize the benefits of the training sessions! About 10 years ago, our spouse gifted me with a membership to a local fitness center for our birthday. Although it was an seriously thoughtful present, I doubted I’d use it beyond the single year. I assumed that the inconvenience of the drive and distraction of the other members would make it an unpleasant ordeal, my workouts are super pressing to me, and not only am I dedicated to maintaining peak physical condition but it’s a fantastic opportunity to clear our head. I love to wear headphones and appreciate solitude, however, I didn’t want to waste our spouse’s investment. I was determined to attend the fitness center as often as possible. After the first visit, I totally changed our mind. I was amazed by how much better of a workout I accomplished, but the access to such a wide selection of device was motivating and allowed me to target all our different muscles. I have our option of different styles of treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines, stationary bikes and stair-climbers. There are machines for targeting particular muscle groups plus kettlebells, resistance bands, battle ropes, dumbbells and medicine balls. There are punching bags, incline benches for crunches and an indoor running track. I’ve also found that the other gym members are really friendly and nice. I now look forward to our time at the fitness center and renew our membership every year.

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