Staying Comfortable for a Good Night’s Sleep

During the summer, I need to be really cool, almost cold, to sleep well. I don’t know what temperature that I am most comfortable at, because my rental home has no HVAC unit and we rely on window air conditioners to keep us cool. I keep it set on high, whatever temperature that is, and it helps me sleep.Unfortunately, I don’t always sleep well. I get hot and kick the covers off, then get cold and cover back up.On the other hand, during the winter, I can’t sleep unless I am toasty warm. The space heaters that we use in our bedrooms are not very efficient. In the winter, I also find myself kicking the covers off and then, a few minutes later, covering back up. I really wish we had an HVAC unit. I think part of my problem is the hot spots and cold spots that accompany the use of less expensive temperature control devices. I discovered a mattress topper that is temperature controlled. It will go as low as fifty-five degrees and as high as one hundred and ten. We are hoping the next time that we move, we will be purchasing the home. I will definitely have some type of quality HVAC. Even if we don’t buy the next place we move into, I insist that it have a well running HVAC system. Until then, I may need to depend on a good temperature controlled mattress topper until then.

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