Stuck in the commercial HVAC all day

I’m really trying not to whine about the heat and humidity of Summer. That’s just an endless topic when it comes to making any sort of small talk around here. It’s always about how hot it is and how intense the Summer is where we live. Sure, that’s what happens when you live further south. The biggest complainers are the transplants. I’m from this region and I guess you could characterize me as southern. I don’t have a problem with that until it gets into old tropes and stereotypes. But yea, I like being southern and if that means dealing with this sort of heat from June through September, so be it. Once that’s over, we have arguably the very best weather imaginable for the next 8 months. Still, I do have a gripe when it comes to the Summer heat. And that gripe has to do with the fact that I’m now stuck inside the commercial HVAC of the office all day long. Don’t get me wrong, the office is really comfortable when it comes to air conditioning. In fact, we even have zone controlled HVAC. That helps so much as the sun shifts position through the day. We can customize our end of the office for comfort. But when it’s this hot, I don’t’ get to take my lunch break outside of the commercial HVAC until the end of Summer. It’s simply too hot to eat outside in the courtyard. And that’s a big bummer for me. Having that break to get fresh air and just relax in the sun is such a special part of my day. But just like all the good weather, my lunches outside of the commercial HVAC will be back before too long.