Supplying Heating and A/C to the animals

Oh boy, I really do live with a bunch of wild animals.

That’s tscheme in a much odder way now than it was when I was back in school.

Those dudes there were in fact wild animals. But these afternoons, I’m sharing our property with a bunch of wild animals who need more current homes. My wifey Ed started bringing abandoned pets back to the central a/c of our beachside home. And from there, this whole thing started. Ed would find current homes for these animals she found and she was really good at it. I suppose that the news spread because lots of people suddenly were looking to her for help with stray animals. There were only so many furry animals that Ed and I could handle residing with us inside the central a/c of our home. I was all for doing whatever I could to support Ed when it came to this current passion. At the same time, I wasn’t prepared to completely sacrifice my Heating and A/C device to all these animals. There was so much fur and pet dander in the air that it was literally clogging the Heating and A/C filter. It became so excruciating that I was changing those air filters on nearly a bi-weekly basis. Not only was it taxing the Heating and A/C devices, but it wasn’t all that pleasant on me either. So Ed and I ended up putting on an linkment to the garage where my pal and I could have all the animals stay. A local Heating and A/C corporation even came through for us with a ductless heat pump. It was an older, recycled ductless heat pump that had come out of a recently renovated home. Now, it’s providing all of the heating and cooling comfort to a bunch of charming animals.


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