Suzy’s high-tech HVAC upgrades

My sister Suzy has never been one to settle.

She loves trendy things and was always fashionable in the group.

But this does not stop with looks and fashion, Suzy loves the latest gadgets. She believes that the latest technologies offer better convenience. It was not slurping when she called me about a month ago regarding her recent HVAC upgrades. In fact, I learn a lot from the changes she makes around her home and office. Thai time round she had gotten a new filtration system. The idea was to ensure that no pollutants got into her living space. I could understand this since she had a sensitive child who was always affected by the slightest allergen. About three months ago she had switched to the latest programmable thermostat. She insisted that this was the best thing she ever did as it made her life more comfortable. She could control the temperatures of her home even when she was away on a business trip. This way, she could always come home to the perfect environment. The biggest gain with this was the money she saved by ensuring the house temperatures were properly regulated as this meant no wastage.She had also recently adopted the use of HEPA filters after her HVAC contractor recommended them. These filters are able to trap even the smallest particles that would otherwise compromise the air quality in her space. I know that Suzy can be extra at times but these were upgrades that I found reasonable and would be adopting for my own space. I just needed to confirm with my HVAC technician and find out if they were viable for my situation.