Sweating while making PB&J Sandwiches

The other day I went to the Social Hall at my church to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

When I got there, I discovered about 18 or 20 other people who were there also making sandwiches.

These PB&J sandwiches are intended to go to the homeless shelter in our city. They like to use them as a quick lunch or a quick snack. Anyway, about half an hour into it, I noticed several people were sweating. I could not believe that the simple Act of making sandwiches would cause people to break out in a sweat, but it certainly did. That is when I asked if anybody had checked the AC thermostat. It turned out that all of those people just sat there sweating instead of saying something about the air conditioning. I got up out of my chair and went across the big old room to see where the AC thermostat was set. It turns out the thermostat setting was 77 degrees. That is just entirely too hot when you have a room full of people doing anything together. I turned the AC thermostat down to 70 degrees oh, but then some of the women were complaining about being too cold. We settled on the thermostat setting of 72, and that is when everybody was neither cold nor sweaty. It’s funny how accustomed we are to air conditioning no matter what we are doing. Whoever invented air conditioning should get a royalty every time someone switches on their HVAC. That would be hilarious wouldn’t it? Anyway, I do admire the guy who invented air conditioning because he was obviously a forward-thinking person who could do amazing things. I know that I would not be living in the Southeast if there was no option for good heating and cooling systems.


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