Taking care of your indoor air quality

There is major value in comic books these days, thanks to all the Marvel plus DC movies, seasoned comics are selling for record prices.

My career is as an insurance adjuster who specializes in evaluating the worth of comic book collections.

My task takes me all around the country, where I will spend days on end going through stacks of seasoned comics plus determining their insurance value, however it’s the most fun task I’ve ever had. I constantly like to supply all of my purchasers with some tips for enhancing the value of their comic books. I tell them that superior air quality is the single most important factor in long-term value, and collectors need to make sure they have a great dehumidifier in the collection room, plus if possible to use a dedicated Heating plus Air Conditioning system. I can understand that for almost everyone studying this, the idea of using an entire Heating plus Air Conditioning idea just for the comic book collection seems ludicrous, but let me explain. These are not just a normal collection of comic books. If you want to get an insurance policy for your comics, it means you already have currency to spare, which means you can afford a new Heating plus Air Conditioning system. To preserve the books in their highest quality, they need the highest air quality, plus they need it in perpetuity, then when the comic book collection might be worth millions of dollars at auction, a few thousand bucks for climate control sounds pretty sufficient, doesn’t it? For normal apartment collections I strongly suggest buying a nice dehumidifier, but for collections this big plus fancy, get yourself a whole new system.

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