Thanks for the Humming Window Air Conditioner in my Room

I’m staying cool while I get my labor done in my living room while the teenagers play out in the dining room with my uncle.

They aren’t my teenagers however my cousin’s teenagers, plus in a few days they will all be ghosts to me when I head back to my life in another world.

I’ve been living in another country for about seven years now plus come back condo twice a year for a month to see my family plus friends here. I like living over there because it is a much simpler life for me. The local service provider over there where I labor keeps me tied up on the iphone giving energy saving help to people to try plus help them save money in their homes plus businesses. A lot of local companies had to close their doors for nice because they couldn’t afford to keep the power on in the arena, which is entirely sad when you suppose about these awful people trying to just live plus work. I am fortunate that I have a roommate now, because my heating plus cooling bills were so high I was barely making it through each month. Now it is much easier for me plus I can even save a few hundred bucks a month in the bank like I used to do. I will labor more for the local contractor doing heat pump installation plus service, plus also some other small side jobs here plus there. I have a nice life there plus entirely care about living with my roommate, who happens to be a enjoyable chef.


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