The air conditioner device was abused

Despite what some people say, it is quite apparent when a heating and a/c device has been neglected, then i can usually just tell by looking, a Heating and Air Conditioning device that has been neglected will look dirty, have complications, and not have a clean air filter, and when I go out to homes with heating and cooling concerns, a single of the first questions I ask is whether they get regular Heating and Air Conditioning service… Most of them will assure me that they do, and that they are honestly confused as to why their heating and cooling device is not working.

  • But when I look at their a/c, it looks enjoy a Heating and Air Conditioning worker hasn’t looked at it in many years.

I am not sure why some people lie, but I constantly make sure to tell them that their heating and air conditioner system is incredibly dirty and that is why it is not working, then usually after a thorough clean up, their heating and cooling device looks almost brand new, and is working perfectly again, however then I leave and go to the next appointment, however sometimes, I do meet people that take enjoyable care of their gas furnace system and air conditioner machine, but I believe enjoy they are the minority. To be honest, all the people aren’t interested in taking familiar care of their heating and a/c machines. That is, until the Heating and Air Conditioning device starts having complications, then everyone is anxious for their gas furnace and cooling device. It is slightly discouraging, however there is not much I can do about it.
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