The circus could have used another media air cleaner.

My child is definitely her daddy’s little girl.

There is little he won’t do if it is possible, however there was one request he could not fulfill; Last year, she wanted to go to the circus. For weeks, my nice friend and I had been seeing the ads for the circus. They were on the cable, the beatbox, and even on the ipad. It was one of the oldest circuses, and it came to the neighborhood every year. My fiance went out and bought tickets to surprise her for her birthday. The excitement surrounding the circus even before my nice friend and I got inside, had her jumping up and down… She could not wait to get inside. When my nice friend and I finally got inside, I was seeing her sniff, and she was holding her nose. I asked her what was wrong, and she told me she needed daddy. He picked her up and asked what was wrong. She told him to get his heating and air conditioning suit on. The circus needed another media air cleaner. My fiance laughed, and told her it was the odor of the sawdust and most people. She then wanted him to get a small media air cleaner for her, but he said this was the circus, and there was nothing he could do. She grabbed his own cheeks and looked in his eyes. She wanted to know if there was anything an actual heating and air conditioning serviceman could do for the smelly building? His head shake was evident, and tears welled in her eyes. He told her that when she got inside and saw the people on the high wire, and the clowns, she would forget about it.

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