The facial was a no

A very current facial spot opened up last week and of course I wanted to go.

I want a couple of morning passes for the spot at my work and I begged my partners to go directly to the spa with me.

She said that was not going to happen and there was absolutely no way that I could convince that person to get some type of facial. It seemed that this was not for boys or women. I contacted my sister to say that there were free two morning passes and I got them both to the spot. I wanted to know if she wanted to go along with me and prefer an afternoon away from our home. My friend plus myself went to the spot and then we were not entirely sure what we should expect. We were greeted in the morning with glasses of orange juice and champagne and we even got a free robe. My pile and myself showed ourselves to a changing room where we took off our clothing as well as put on these robes. We also had slippers that made it easier for our pedicure and they were very comfortable. The facial spa was very nice and my friend and myself easily walked out of there feeling like we were separate from our partners. All of us were Fallen when we saw the manicure and the pedicure and she said that she would have easily gone if she knew that the facial spot was going to offer manicures and pedicures.


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