The furnace caused our house fire.

I know that no one believes me, but I know it was the furnace that caused our house fire.

  • I had the HVAC technician come to the house twice in the last week.

I told him I could smell gas. I was in the basement doing laundry, and it looked like small drops of flames were landing on the floor. He said he could see no sign of gas on the floor, and he smelled nothing. I didn’t care what the HVAC technician said. I was sure there was something wrong with the furnace. The night our house caught fire, I could smell gas when I was in the basement. I told my husband and he called the HVAC company. He told them we could smell gas, but they didn’t have anyone available to come to the house. They promised the HVAC technician would be there the first thing in the morning. Around midnight, my husband woke me up and told me he could smell smoke. By the time we got downstairs, the kitchen floor had flames peaking through. We grabbed our nearest belongings and went outside. I was calling the fire company as the fire truck came around the corner. Our neighbor had just gotten home from work and said he saw flames in the basement window. It was his knocking that woke my husband up. If the HVAC technician had come to the house that night, we may still have our house, but I don’t blame him for the fire. I’m just glad we got out of the house before we were injured.

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