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It was almost Summertime so mom and I were talking about plans we had. I’ve been away for two years and it was time for me to go visit her, but mom had an idea of exploring this new hiking trail she’d heard of and I was researching the same online. It seemed like a good location to explore and I was also trying to convince mom we would camp for three afternoons. My buddy and I used to go hiking and camping several times when I was younger. Mom enjoyed it and it made sense since we live in a good location, however she seemed to slow down when I left the apartment for university. It’s at the same time that her friend also moved to a new state with her family. So, I guess that’s why mom felt she couldn’t go hiking anymore. Anyway, we were going to revive the family tradition, but she had to take care of some roofing problems and so when we started talking on the PC that day, she explained she was searching for the ‘best roofing corporation near me.’ Mom wanted to find the right roofing corp to handle some roofing problems she had. If possible, they’d do a roof inspection, and command the right roofing service for her. Her roof isn’t old, so she didn’t need roof replacement. However, she’d observed a few leaks in the attic which indicated she might need urgent roof repair. Since she isn’t an expert, mom said she’d get a roofing pro to her apartment to check it out and inform her of the next action. Hopefully, she’d be done before I got home for the Summer holidays.

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