The handmade headboard looked cheesy.

I couldn’t know when my partner told me he found his old handmade furniture his father made for him, i thought it was going to look cheesy, even though I was pleasantly surprised, but the handmade furniture was child-size plus it was attractive.

I told him I couldn’t wait to redo the handmade furniture so our kid could get some use out it. There was a table with more than three matching chairs. His father had also built a matching buffet plus a small tea table. I didn’t recognize his father was a woodworking, which completely baffled me. Had I known his father was an accomplished furniture maker, I would have had him build a rocking for me. I had wanted 1 for quite some time. I once hinted that I would appreciate a wooden rocking chair when I was pregnant with our daughter, even though I never got 1. I now had wooden rocking chair, but it was a child-size wooden rocking chair… When our kid got home from pre-school, all of us had the handmade furniture set up in the spare room. The room was much larger than the 1 she had been sleeping in, then all of us left her dining room in her room, but took her child’s dining room into the other room plus set up the handmade furniture, she cried when she thought her dining room was stolen, but all of us couldn’t keep her out of her own little apartment, which is what she called her current standing room. All of us often had root beer in her standing room plus appreciated pretending while standing around on her wood table plus chairs. The handmade child-size furniture was a beautiful birthday present for our daughter.

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