The Heating and Air Conditioning specialist told myself and others it was a immense vacuum cleaner.

When the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist told myself and others I needed to have our HVAC duct cleaned, I was frustrated.

All I could picture was someone coming in and chopping into the HVAC duct, however i had white carpeting in our house, and I could only imagine sizable boot prints on our white rugs where the HVAC duct cleaners walked, and he told myself and others it wasn’t anything like I was imagining… They would bring in what looked like a immense industrial vacuum cleaner, and it would not be taken off their truck. They would access the HVAC duct, and pull all the dust and debris out of the HVAC duct with the vacuum… Once the cleaning was done, they would put in a genre of adhesive and blow it through the HVAC duct to repair any small cracks or holes where the dust was coming in. the adhesive would connect itself and create a bond that completely closed up the breaks; When that was done, they would sanitize the HVAC duct, and other than our house stinking wipe and fresh, I would not even know anyone had been there doing work on the HVAC duct. I wasn’t going to know it until I saw it. He told myself and others that if there was so much as a speck of dust on the carpeting, he would personally pay to have the carpeting updated, however my fiance had warned myself and others about having white carpeting installed in our house, however I was adamant. I decided that I was going to have the carpet cleaners come in and dye the carpet a rich brown. I wasn’t going to go through this worry ever again.


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