The HVAC method takes me back

But man, I sure will love road tripping to my son’s again next winter

I really do notice so many things are coming full circle in my life now that I’m in my 70s. It’s really sort of weird. Old friends have come back into my life and I’ve found a love for swimming again. I was one of those guys who never stayed inside the air conditioning in the summer. I grew up just blocks from a great lake and swam nearly every day that I could. Even road tripping has again become interesting and fun for me. On a recent trip to my son’s new house, I was stunned by a feeling I hadn’t had since I was a child. No, that’s not right because my dorm room had radiant heating. But when I walked inside my son’s new house, it was like I was a little kid all over again. He has a geothermal heat pump and it transmits heat energy through radiant floor heating. It was like walking back into my grandparent’s house when I was like 7. Really, it took me a minute to clear my head. It was that strong memory sensation that just galvanized my body. However, I immediately noticed what it was about this sort of heating method that I loved so much. Radiant heating feels enveloping as though it sort of cloaks you with warmth. That’s for sure the way it felt with the radiant floor heating from the geo heat pump. I live way south and don’t need much heating anymore. But man, I sure will love road tripping to my son’s again next winter. I’m also excited about the summer trip to see what the air conditioning is like with the geothermal heat pump.

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