The HVAC technician looks frazzled

It’s nearly dusk and the HVAC technician John has been working on my HVAC system all day.

He has been quiet and he cleared his other HVAC schedule appointments for today and tomorrow because he did tell me it will take some time to install a new electric furnace system.

It’s been a warmer day than usual so I was a bit happy about that but not having the proper heating in my home isn’t something I like at all. As I sat on the porch with my electric blanket keeping me cozy I read a book and tried to remain calm and know John will get the job done as soon as possible. He and his twin brother, after all, are the only HVAC technician’s in our small town. John told me that Mark was on vacation and I really wish Mark was here right now because the job would’ve been done today. Still, John is a very nice HVAC tech that this small town relies on and we trust that he will do whatever it takes to make any of the townspeople happy about the business they receive. Before John left for the evening he told me that I should really get an HVAC service plan with the new system he is installing but regardless the new HVAC system will have a 10 year warranty in case something happens. That is one good thing about replacing the old system because this job is expensive but I can’t live without the warmth of the heater. I really hope John is able to complete the HVAC installation tomorrow.


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