The HVAC technician told us we needed a new AC unit.

As soon as spring arrives, we call the HVAC company to have our air conditioning unit inspected for summer.

We don’t like waiting too long to have the air conditioning inspected.

We always worry the HVAC technician is going to tell us we need big repairs, or a new air conditioning unit. Waiting too long to find out could mean we wouldn’t have the money for a new AC unit, or we may need to spend some hot summer days without it. Neither prospect gives us a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Last year, we waited until May to have the inspections done. It wasn’t hot yet, and we had so much going on in the spring that we forgot about the inspections. When the HVAC technician arrived, he told us we needed a new air conditioning unit. We hadn’t expected this, but there was nothing we could do. Where we live, going without air conditioning is not an option. It gets hot and humid in May and it stays hot and humid through September and October. My husband told the HVAC technician to get a new air conditioning unit to the house as soon as possible. We didn’t tell him we wanted a high efficiency AC unit, but it was a given. A week later, the temperatures were already in the eighties, and the air conditioning unit was being installed in the house. There’s nothing like waiting for the last minutes to get the air conditioning running. Two days after the AC unit was installed, the temperatures went into the nineties and it stayed there for the rest of the summer.


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